Did you know poor customer service costs businesses in the U.S. at least $75 BILLION every single year?

Surveys state up to 96% of consumers STOP BUYING from a business after a poor customer service experience! They also tell an average of 15 people about it!

Research also shows that to get new customers, it costs 5x as much as it does to keep current customers!

Customers don't just compare you to your competitors, they compare you to ALL their buying experiences!


Right after my wife and I got married, we started our own business because we thought that's how we were going to make our livelihood.

We were motivated and excited but had no training or support, and no one to ask how to do stuff but we tried to run it the best we could.

We ran it by trying to "win" our customers over by giving them great customer service.

Sometimes we had great success and we kept doing those same things over and over because we thought we had found THE SECRET to keeping customers happy.

BUT after a while, those things wore off and slowly, we were losing customers!

We were doing things based on what we thought was right. And boy, we were seeing that we were WAY OFF BASE!

We thought we knew how to treat our customers but based on their lack of repeat buying and choice to go to our competitors, we were in trouble.

After continuing to spend money in marketing and advertising, and trying to win back customers and gain new customers, we saw that we were losing thousands of dollars in sales every week.

Finally, after seeing the giant, gaping hole in our bank account, we had to shut our business down.

We were devastated.

All the blood, sweat, and tears in trying to build up something and it all came crashing down.

We thought to ourselves, what could we have done differently?

If only we had experienced resources who could have given us guidance and help, we know our business would have taken off.

You see, we didn't know what we didn't know.

We didn't know all the ins and outs of what world-class customer service consisted of.

We didn't know how to create a consistent customer experience for our customers.

We didn't know about the importance of creating relationships with our customers.

We didn't know that there are ways to handle tough customers and turn horrible situations into ones that built raving fans.

Funny enough, after losing our shirts, we both ended up going into the corporate world and built our careers around developing skills in giving the most AMAZING, WORLD-CLASS CUSTOMER SERVICE to all customers!

We've spent the last 20 years leading customer service teams for some of the most iconic and recognizable GLOBAL BRANDS on Earth!

You won't believe the skills we learned, and the knowledge and experience we gained.

It was like some kind of special sauce we couldn't have known about unless we had worked for those companies.

Here's the perfect example...

I was working at one of those multi-billion dollar companies and there was one customer in particular who was known for being especially tough on everyone.

I came into work one day and learned that an order of his had arrived late due to a weather delay with the shipper.

He was furious because it was for a special event he was hosting where all his customers were coming from out of town and he wanted everyone to have one of the items.

He called me on my cell phone (I still don’t know how he got my #!) and before I finished saying hello, I got a 45 second non-stop earful of how awful we were, how irresponsible it was for us to have this happen, and how he wasn't going to do business with us anymore.

After he let it all out, I offered a sincere apology about how the events unfolded.

I then calmly addressed his concerns, discussed the situation, and identified the steps that should have been taken to either avoid the situation or at least give him a heads up about what was going to happen (again, even though it was out of our control).

I then suggested some solutions so his customers could still get the items he ordered for them.

He picked the one he thought would work best and by the end of the conversation, he had invited me to dinner and offered me to stay at his home the next time I was travelling in his area!

Based on what we learned at these MULTI-BILLION dollar companies, we want to share these secrets with YOU!

As a business owner or a customer service manager, you have to ask yourself:

Is customer service a priority for you?

Do you sell more because your customer service is so good?

Is your lack of customer service focus costing you precious sales $$$?

Do your customers RAVE about the customer service your business gives?

Do your customers share their awesome experiences with everyone they know?

Do you give your customers WOW service every single opportunity, every single day?



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